About Sushi Sazanami

The timing was far from perfect, but Jayvee and Zinnia decided this was a once in a lifetime chance to get into the restaurant business. They made an offer one week later, and they became the proud owners of a Mexican restaurant by the end of the month. One of their early priorities was finding a name for the restaurant, and they wanted a Japanese name that stood for a calming earth element.

They initially thought they would use a name for “light breeze”, but Mineo called them one day and told them of a dream he had where he was wading through ripples of water. They decided to go with that peaceful dream he had, and that is where Sazanami comes from, “ripples of water”. They thought “tsunami” would better exemplify the experience they were going through, but Sazanami was a better fit for the warm, calm environment they wanted to establish.

The next step was designing the restaurant. They initially planned on doing minimal changes to control costs, but none of them had any design experience. Could you imagine serving sushi at a Mexican restaurant? By chance, Jayvee and Zinnia went to a downtown sushi restaurant in Los Angeles and loved the design, but they did not know who the designer was. Their only option of a trusted designer was the one who did their house, although they were concerned the designer did not have any experience with restaurant design.

When they checked the designer’s website, they found to their surprise that the designer did that downtown restaurant! Jayvee and Zinnia called them, and within a week, the Brown Design team came to meet them and started designing what would 5 months later become Sushi Sazanami!